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Although family is the ideal solution to the orphan crisis, we understand that it’s not an immediate option for most children globally. That’s why we believe our place in the ever-evolving landscape of orphan care is to support orphanages and children’s homes.


We do whatever it takes to rescue struggling homes from failure or destitution, because we know failure isn’t an option when the lives of children rest in your hands. We come alongside partner homes with training opportunities to raise their standards of care, because  we believe every child has a right to a safe and nurturing childhood. And we provide the means for our orphanages to pursue self-sustainability,because we want more for them than mere survival. We realize that while we may not be able to bring every orphan into our homes, we can work diligently to better the homes where  so many orphaned children are found.We  want to eradicate the root cause of poverty in Africa countries ,starting from Nigeria. The problems Promi Child's Aid Foundation is working to solve in Nigeria and other Africa countries. Nigeria a country of about 206 million people out of which, 50.5% of the poorest Nigerians have no formal education. About 38% of out-of-school children in Nigeria are girls. 16 million children of school going age are out of school in Nigeria.

Primary school children stood at 10 million while children out of secondary school are 6 million. 40.1% of the population in Nigeria lives in poverty. Nigeria’s unemployment rate stands at 27.10%. The Infant Mortality rate (per, 1000 live births) in this Nigeria is at 74.2%. We believe that this number should not exist in Nigeria and other Africa countries, that is why we are working hard to end it.

The Nigerian population is growing every day and unfortunately, the government no longer provides for the needs of its citizens. There are growing challenges in our country hence parents are no longer able to properly take care of their children. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to sound education, quality health care delivery and economic empowerment. Your support will go a long way to achieve our goals in Nigeria and other Africa countries. In 2022, we aim to eradicate it. We also assist in hospital bill payment 

Our Board of Trustees

                 Jane Enyinnaya Promise  


                                   NICOLE  MONACO

Chief Communication Officer 

                       ANNE DANIEL

     Trustee Chairperson